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On this land .........

Not much can be told

about the glittering of metropolitan city

about the sophistication of applied technology

No glamourous jetset and celibrity

No skyscrapers of multi-storey


What has survived in this remote county

is a natural heritage, so lively and lovely

a highly respected cultural beauty

a highly motivated low profile community


There you are

Komodo dragon, the last of the ancient reptile

Tricolour lake of Kelimutu, another natural profile

Sandalwood, eucalyptus, and lontar-palm tree

Sumba horse, sheep, buffalo, the farming commodity


Not to forget the masterpiece of creation:

Hand-woven textile, an invaluable culturual reflection

Traditional ceremony with its sacred philosophy

all make the witness of people's history


But let's always remember

They are all granted by God the Almighty

To be care for, to be introduced to all openly

Please do come in your most covenient

There is always something attractive and really different


Our best wishes with the deepest sincerity

All members of East Nusatenggara family



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