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Facts & Figures

Location: 8 - 12 SL and 118 - 125 WL
Area: 47,350 sq. km, consiting of 111 islands divided into 12 provinces + 1 Administrative City
Capital: Kupang Airport: El Tari
Humidity: 76% Temperature: 27.6 Average
Rainfall: 705 mm min. (Sikka)

1744 max. (Manggarai)

Flora: Sandalwood, acacia, eucalyptsu, lontar-palm, variety of wild orchids
Fauna: Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), Rusa Timor, Kuda Sumba, rangkong
Population: + 4 million
Region: Roman Catholic / Protestant (majority)

Islam, Buddhism

Primary products: Rice, corn, coconut, teakwood, sandalwood, cow, buffalo, horse, fish, rish, cement, gold, mangaan, copper, kaolin, hand-woven textile handicraft, oil.

In accordance with their basic resources, tourist objects in East Nusa Tenggara can be described and presented as the following:

Natural Resources

- Volcanic mountain chain:

East Nusa Tenggara is actually the eastern end of a big mountain chain originating in Central Asia (Himalaya) all the way to the Southeast Asia, through Burma, Malay peninsula, coming down to Sumatra, Java, to Nusa Tenggara.

The assets coming out of such a resource are:

= Mountain/highland panorama, resulted from complex geological process (creating Recreation type tourism)

= Mineral deposits, resulted from the volcanic activity (creating Mining business)

- Specific geographic location:

Located in tropical zone, the whole Nusa Tenggara is influenced by the how of east and west monsoon which bring a dryer area in the eastern part, that is East Nusa Tenggara. The dry climate facilitates the growth of unique flora, typical vegetation and hence rape fauna. The extreme story climate makes N.T.T. distinctive in:

= Savanna and typical forest Farming and Forestry products, as well as the establishment of Nature Reserve

Some islands are homes for wildlife. Species of wildlife of animal can be found as a result of thousand-year-old biological evolution.

The most remarkable is:

= Komodo dragon, a rare species of ancient reptile. The existence of this species makes Komodo Island becomes a Wildlife Reserve

Tropical Archipelago

Being a tropical archipelago is endowed with East Nusa Tenggara, colourful tropical marine life. It provides:

= Variety of marine-oriented product, manifested as Diving sport, Marine Park, and Fishery

Cultural Resource

Cultural resource is another basic resource in East Nusa Tenggara, that is the fact of the existence of many

- Ethnic groups

Invaluable assets come from this resource are:

= Ethnic tradition, manifested as variety of traditional festivities, and tradional Ethnic products.


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